Sunday, 20 January 2013

Made In Australia

So as Australia Day fast approaches, it would be good to think that the public knows what the Australian Made official logo means to a small business like ColourMeArt.
I always try and encourage creative friends and colleagues to get the Australian Made logo on their products whenever possible. It is a great selling point, when virtually nothing is truly made in Australia any longer. Any licensee has to sign an affidavit to promise their products are in fact made here. They have to pay an annual license fee based on turnover, and any merchandise like stickers etc is at a cost to that particular business.
Most customers and particularly tourists want an Australian made product to take home but whinge about the price in comparison with products made overseas. If the government really wanted to encourage particularly small businesses to keep production here in Australia, they should be handing out stickers, advice and there should be no fee for being a licensee in the first place.
ColourMeArt products are passionately Australian made, and will endeavour to continue to be wherever possible. Hopefully as customers become more discerning in their choices, they will buy more Australian made products. 
Happy Australia Day!


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