Sunday, 20 May 2012

Is White a colour?

Is white a colour? Most scientists will say black isn't but white is but an artist faced with a box of paints or pencils will say the opposite. What do you think?

White in most Western cultures signifies purity, light , goodness, innocence, virginity, faith and safety.
Its the colour of angels,  good white magic in contrast to black magic. In heraldry it stands for faith and purity.
Its the colour of hi tech, hospitals, doctors, sterility and cleanliness. See how many soap and toiletry products are packaged in cool white with blue.......... imagine how many adverts have scientific experts in white lab coats. Its the colour we trust as professional and safe.

Wearing white can make flesh look bulky unlike its black opposite. Contrastingly its a colour that indicates light weight, low fat, light as a feather.........

Spiritually its the colour of goodness and purity. A white wedding. And yet in many cultures is the colour of death. White lilies, white roses. Those more apt for a coffin wreath than a wedding bouquet. People that have been granted a second chance at life having had a near death experience often talk about going towards a white light. Heaven is always depicted as full of white pure light.

Where I grew up in the Wiltshire Downs, I think it must have been a magical colour in ancient times. The soil under the grass is chalk so white in colour when you dig down. Silbury Hill , the largest man made mount in Europe would have been a giant pudding of glistening white in great contrast to the rolling green downs. Likewise the calved white horses on the hillsides must have been very stunning. I still turn three times around on the eye of the white horse at Cherhill and make a wish whenever I am back in the Uk!

If you live in a climate lucky enough to have snow , a snow angel is always fun to do. This is a great photo of a perfect one.

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